Hmmm….ya know…what can I tell you?  I currently live in New York, used to live in Austria and will most likely move again soon. A Bolt of Blue pretty much sums up everything I LOVE…art, fashion, interior design, and people who are doing interesting things with their lives.


Oh…and….in case you’re wondering….WHY a Bolt of Blue? Well….I believe in signs and it just sort of popped into my head.  I was reconsidering the title one morning while running and then New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” started playing on my ipod and Bernard Sumner sang, “Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue”. Monsieur Sumner had sent me a sign!


I used to happily work for Notorious magazine when I lived in Vienna, Austria…check ’em out!

I hope you like what you see on these pages! Write and say hi and let me know what you think!

Julie Siegel

*I am currently available for freelance writing.  I would love to help promote or write copy promoting any new products, creative ideas or aspiring artists. Just contact me at the email address below!

Email: julie@aboltofblue.net


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  1. Hi,
    I saw your photo of Dejuener sur L’Herbe ala Seward Johnson. I was wondering if it would b ok if I used it in a banner on our site. We often create banners that act as links, which take our audience to a variety of different sites.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind regards,
    Mike DeCastro
    Editor & Content Manager

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