Coffee on wheels!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, coffee is addictive…without your morning java intake, you might just enter a caffeine withdrawal coma…and who wants that? As the Starbucks empire continues to take over the world, the smaller guys are fighting back, returning to European roots and hitting the road. ¬†Nowadays when you head out to a flea market, hike, or park, chances are good that you’ll stumble across a cafe on wheels parked nearby…ready to curb your withdrawal symptoms and keep your addiction going. Thank goodness for coffee on wheels!

A Bolt of Blue - Coffee on Wheels!

Muriel Kombi Koffein via Kara RosenlundA Bolt of Blue - Coffee on Wheels!

1- La Maison du Cafe by Steve Gray, 2 –Cafeteria/ Capetown, 3 – Coffee van/New Zealand, 4 – Nomads Coffee Bar/Belgium¬†, 5 – Manual Labour Coffee/Toronto, 6 – Attridge and Cole/UK, 7 – Tincan Coffee Co./UK
A Bolt of Blue - Coffee on Wheels!Smaakbus/Netherlands

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