Shoe laces

Yes…this is going to be an entire post on shoe laces.  Shoe laces after all…are now major fashion accessories.  I keep seeing all the tweens and teens out there with interesting laces and it’s not just the laces themselves….it’s the way they are now being laced into the shoes.  I had NO idea there were SO many ways to lace shoes!  Check out THIS site for a tutorial on LACING.


There are also cool new inventions…ever heard of lace anchors?   They help you turn any pair of tennis shoes into slip ons. Pretty cool.

You can find a great selection of laces at Mr Lacy…everything from stripes, to camouflage and animal prints.

shoe laces

or…you can just go buy a white pair, buy some fabric paint and get your kids to decorate their own. COOL idea!

via BHG

via BHG


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