COOL nails!

Winter is a GREAT time to work on your nails…with dry air and cold temps, nails are in major need of moisturizer and care. Or, if you’re snowed in like my pals in Boston, you probably need something to keep your mind off of winter, so why not focus on your nails…and create some awesome nail designs!

A Bolt of Blue - COOL nails!1 – Free People , 2 – Wet Paint

A Bolt of Blue - COOL nails!1 – Juliannaroseee, 2 – NSMBL, 3 – Your TeaA Bolt of Blue - COOL nails!

via Nail – Common

A Bolt of Blue - COOL nails!1 – Pshiiit, 2 – The Shiny Squirrel, 3 – Honestly WTF


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