Cool Planters!

As winter presses on, so does the snow, and that means CABIN FEVER.  Here in NYC it’s like living in a snow globe, and that means being cramped indoors, in STALE, dry, heated air.  My poor plants are working over time…oxygenating, purifying, filtering and doing their best to keep out the winter doldrums. If winter is getting you down…BUY A PLANT…and….a cool planter!

A Bolt of Blue - Cool Planters!1 – Anthropoligie, 2 – Mud Puppy, 3 – Rami KimA Bolt of Blue - Cool Planters!1 – Peacock Taco, 2 – Wacamole Ceramic, 3 – Dot and BoA Bolt of Blue - Cool Planters!1 – Light and Ladder, 2 – Light and Ladder, 3 – Floral Art


Here are a few more ideas…

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