Where the MAGIC happens!

Do you ever look at interior design photos and wonder, who lives there? Well…I do…here are some imaginary people I dreamed up…

A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensMax is a photographer by trade. He was given a Polaroid camera at the age of three and started snapping photos of his binky, his toes and every corner of his crib. His parents immediately enrolled him into the Kodak Academy.  He drinks French press coffee on the hour, sits on a stool that his first girlfriend gave him on her deathbed, and dreams of hiking barefoot in the mountains and capturing every moment with his trusty camera.

A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensRosemary is into horticulture, rare coins, and hemp.  Her mom was a librarian and her father was an accountant. She spent her youth smoking hemp, but then changed course and decided to use it’s fibers to darn sweaters, tea cozies, and backpacks.  She shares a peapatch with her sister Margaret and her cousin Chad.

A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensEnzo is an illustrator. He too, owns a wooden stool, but his was given to him by his old Italian nonna at his first communion. She told him, “Enzo, hard work gets you EVERYWHERE, and hard work is only attained by sitting on a hard surface”.  He might be gay, he’s still not sure.

A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensClaire grew up just outside of London, but after ten years of living in Stockholm, she’s lost her accent.  She is one of Wikipedia’s most acclaimed writers. She is renowned for her page on Umbrellas and Mona Lisa. She is horribly allergic to color.

A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensDan and Susan met in a fabric store.  They both grabbed the same bolt of fabric and it was love at first sight.  She formerly designed aprons for the elderly while he created one-of-a-kind tool pouches. They fell in love, moved in together and never leave each other’s side. Nowadays they sit side by side crafting away the hours…A Bolt of Blue - Where the MAGIC happensMarisella started modeling at the age of ten. Once her trust fund kicked in at 18, she stopped modeling, hired an interior designer, and created a work space fit for an ex-modeling mogul.  Most days she spins in her chair, whines to her posse of besties on speaker phone, and eats La Duree macaroons that are no more than a day old.

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