Beauty RAVES!

Ten years ago I emailed every woman I knew and sent them a beauty questionnaire.  I wanted to know what products they ADORED, and WHY.  It was really cool seeing the results and seeing just how strong people feel about certain products. I recently had a friend in town and we spent HOURS discussing beauty regimes and products. She felt so strongly about a product she was using that she bought one for me to try.  It made me realize that I wanted to include a beauty post each month, promoting a product that a friend has endorsed.

I knew the first post had to go to Lisa. She lives in Vienna, Austria (where I just moved from). Each year Lisa buys EVERY product under the sun, from every price range and I’m ALWAYS interested in hearing what she likes.  When she finds a product that she values, she always spreads the word.

Lisa’s RAVES:


Kinebo 38 degree mascara




I adore it because it doesn’t irritate my eyes, it’s waterproof, washes off with warm water, no panda eyes to clean up with eye makeup remover. Have been a faithful user since 2007.






Shiseido Tanning compact foundation




Wonderful product gives you that perfect color or just use it for matching up to your natural color (works great for my dark spots). The texture is so light that I sometimes forget I have anything on my face but the coverage is perfect. Only draw back is it has a very low SPF(6) so I use it mostly for the winter(ish) days but for the sunny days I apply the Sun Protection Compact Foundation (SPF30) and the skin is perfect and protected.







Kiehl’s or Clinique lipgloss tubes

Superbalms 03 003




Pick a color any color and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE…not sticky, does NOT stain lips, sheer and very moisturizing and you can wear it day or night depending on the color and whether or not you use lip liner.






Kiehl’s intensive treatment or moisturizer for dry callused areas





This stuff is amazing to prep feet, knees, elbows and cuticle beds for the summer or anytime of the year. I keep it on my bed side and use is as often as I can remember…unfortunately that’s not every night but the stuff works for a long time. Have been using it for 2 years now.




THANKS Lisa!!!

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  1. Bumble & Bumble “Shine” shampoo & conditioner. Also their styling spray (not sure if that’s what it’s actually called – will check and report back). I have the worst hair, all thin, some places straight, others wavy. Those products save me!

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