Cool Ways to Display Christmas cards!

It seems that more and more people are using Shutterfly and other photo services to produce their Christmas cards. Each week the mail man/woman delivers a new batch of cards, and all of them are filled with amazing photos that deserve to be displayed.  Normally I just shove all the cards in a pile and leave them on my husband’s desk (hoping he’ll actually read some), but this year…I’m going to use one of the method’s below to display them.

A Bolt of Blue -Christmas Card Display1- The Lily Pad Cottage, 2 – A Cup of Jo, 3 – Most Lovely Things A Bolt of Blue -Christmas Card Display1 – Popsugar, 2 – The Frugal Homemaker, 3 – Martha StewartA Bolt of Blue -Christmas Card Display1 – The SunnysideUp Blog, 2 – Perfectly Imperfect, 3 – Design IndulgencesA Bolt of Blue -Christmas Card Display1 – Thyme is Honey, 2 – Homelife

A Bolt of Blue -Christmas Card Display1 – Songbird Blog, 2 – Spotted Ink

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