Hair – Bobby Pin Coolness!

My daughter has been teaching me a lot about hair lately. She is queen of the bobby pins and she uses them in such inventive ways! (unfortunately I find them ALL over the house, on the floors, between couch cushions, etc…)  Most people think of bobby pins as fastening bits of unwanted hair and then tucking the pin away so that it’s invisible, but modern day bobby pin use, is the exact opposite…use the bobby pins so that you CAN see them.  And…to make sure they show up even more…paint them with a coat of nail polish!

A Bolt of Blue - Bobby Pins!1 – Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno, 2 – Free People, 3 – Urban OutfittersA Bolt of Blue - Bobby Pins!1 – Cacharel F/W 2012, 2 – Cosmopolitan, 3 – Cosmopolitan

A Bolt of Blue - Bobby Pins!1 – Cosmopolitan, 2 – Refinery29, 3 – Polyvore

And here’s a great tutorial!

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