Xmas Gift Ideas for…HER!

It’s that time of year where everyone is struggling to find the perfect gifts (me included). Here are a few ideas you might not have thought of…Happy Shopping!

A Bolt of Blue - XMAS Gift Ideas for HERPlexiglass earrings by Nikki Couppee, Camera Strap by Lovebirds LA, Thermal Coffee Tumbler by ban.do

A Bolt of Blue - XMAS Gift Ideas for HERMiranda Sandal by Bryr Clogs, Rose Cut Diamond Ring by Belinda Saville, Antique Scissors scarf by Snoozer Loser

A Bolt of Blue - XMAS Gift Ideas for HERSmeg Toaster, Anker Portable Phone Charger (I have this and it’s INVALUABLE!), Pantone Coffee mugs

For the gals that like to read..here are two lists of recommended books, LIST ONE and LIST TWO! I also HIGHLY recommend Rob Lowe’s book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends. I advise buying the audiobook (his impersonations are surprisingly good). Not only will you be giving an entertaining book but you’ll also be giving her the chance to take a walk, cook dinner, fold laundry all with the charming Monsieur Lowe.

For bike-lovers here are some great bike accessories: LED lights for your tires, bike decals, and bike cup holders!

For techie gals, check out these USB sticks, a hand crank emergency USB port/radio/flashlight, or a cool wooden keyboard cover!

And then of course…there’s…bath salts, candles, hair accessories, tote bags, games, jigsaw puzzles, art prints, coffee beans, dark chocolate and salted caramels!


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