Who Lives Here?

I decided I would start a new series of posts called, Who Lives Here?  I often find myself looking at interior design photos wondering, WHO LIVES HERE? Often, you read the article to discover the inhabitants, but I decided it’d be more fun to create my own story. So…I sifted through my Pinterest boards and compiled a story…and here it is…


Jeremy, Sadie and Cybil Von Wanderwelt

Jeremy is a middle aged collector of sorts.  At age 10 he sold his entire LEGO collection on Ebay and then developed an eye for first edition books, paintings, and mirrors.  He now owns his own auction house. He’s tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome and speaks with a lisp.  He spends most of his time in his library/study with a glass of whiskey and a magnifying glass.

Sadie is a reclusive artist who only paints on slabs of wood harvested by the Amish.  She met Jeremy fifteen years ago when Jeremy “discovered” her working out of a barn in Wisconsin.  It was love at first sight, and Jeremy was able to sell every single one of Sadie’s paintings (he bought most for his own collection). Sadie is known for her bouts of maniacal painting, (that go on for days on end without coming out of her studio). They are mostly fueled by Absinthe and Led Zeppelin.  She is an aging beauty with porcelain skin, and a large scar running down her left cheek from a hunting accident.

Cybil is a 13 year old Jane Austen. She spends hours on end reading, typing, and lamenting.  Before bed each night she reads her latest pieces to her parents partaking in a nightcap of whiskey. Her weekends are spent grooming her horse “Balzac”, and baking biscotti.  She published her first book at the age of 10.

A Bolt of Blue - Who Lives Here?The Family Listening Lounge and Bar, The Lounge, The Mirror Room

A Bolt of Blue - Who Lives Here?They take their coffee seriously…The CART, The Second Lounge, The Coffee Nook

A Bolt of Blue - Who Lives Here?Cybil’s world: Bedroom, Bathroom, and Office
A Bolt of Blue - Who Lives Here?
The Master bedroom, Master bath, and Jeremy’s room (when Sadie is on one of her painting tirades).

A Bolt of Blue - Who Lives Here?The Red Lounge, Sadie’s studio (she purposely forgoes comfort so that she will (hopefully) leave the studio by 5 each day, Jeremy’s CAVE.




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