Living walls!

As global warming is slowly ruining earth as we know it, we need to start learning to be more green…and what better way than with LIVING walls. I used to live in Vienna, Austria and we were fortunate to live in a penthouse apartment with a rooftop terrace. I could glance across the city rooftops and see patches of green. We happened to live right around the corner from the Hundertwasserhaus. Hundertwasser (AKA Friedrich Stowasser) was an Austrian architect who incorporated plants/trees and nature into his building designs. Hundertwasser believed: “When man thinks he has to correct nature, it is an irreparable mistake every time. A community should not consider it an honour how much spontaneous vegetation it destroys; it should rather be a point of honour for every community to protect as much of its natural landscape as possible”.

A Bolt of Blue - Green Walls :Hundertwasser Haus Vienna

The Hundertwasserhaus – Vienna, Austria

It should be a mandate that if you have a rooftop, you MUST grow a garden…and as you can see below…not just rooftops…but WALLS!

A Bolt of Blue - Living walls!

Mexico City

Did you know in Mexico city, they have started growing green rooftops? It has been proven to clean the air and to help maintain heat levels in buildings as the plants absorb water when it rains and it helps cool off the building. There’s nothing cooler than looking across a vast expanse of concrete and mortar that makes up a city and see GREEN…and lots of it.

A Bolt of Blue - Living walls!Edgware Road Tube Station, LondonA Bolt of Blue - Living walls!Argentina’s Jardin VerticalesA Bolt of Blue - Living walls!Pont Max Juvenal – Aix en Provence, France

A Bolt of Blue - Living walls!Musée des Arts Premiers Quai Branly in Paris

A Bolt of Blue - Living walls!Pershing Hall Hotel –  Paris, France

The current “king” of the Vertical garden is French botanist, Patrick Blanc. He created quite a few of the walls above. Please check out his website to see more of his brilliant work.

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