Fall Accessories!

I am always excited by fall accessories…chunky knits, leather satchels, and interesting jewelry accents. Knit hats to wear while sipping apple cider outdoors, earrings to wear to poetry readings and art exhibits, and leather bags to carry your writing class notes, sketches, and books.  Happy Fall!

A Bolt of Blue - Fall Accessories!

Knit pom pom hat and scarfGold pine cone earrings, Librarian leather tote

A Bolt of Blue - Fall Accessories!Feather T-Shirt, Dara Artisans scarvesWhile Odin Sleeps necklaces

A Bolt of Blue - Fall Accessories!Rustic forged necklace, Wool cowl collar scarfLeather Wayfare bagA Bolt of Blue - Fall Accessories!Hard Graft Travel bagBrass acorn earrings, Knit Infinity scarf

Here’s some more inspiration for you….


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