Live in Levi’s project

I willingly admit that I am a HUGE fan of Levi’s.  I have worn them since I was a kid.  I personally think that any dude sporting a pair of Levi’s is H.O.T.  There’s just something about them, the history, the fit, the instantly recognizable red label and the stitching on the pockets. Levi’s has reinvented itself every decade and now it’s promoting the Live in Levi’s project.  Levi’s wants you to send in photos of how you live in your Levi’s and wants to know what makes them endearing to you? They want to hear your Levi’s story. They’ve produced some great videos of interesting characters from around the world describing how they live in their Levi’s.

A Bolt of Blue - Live in Levis project

Check out their Live in Levi’s videos here.

The Live In Levi’s Project – Julia Sarr-Jamois from Cityscape Sound on Vimeo.

A Bolt of Blue - Live in Levis projectCheck out the latest styles here!

As for my Levi’s story…remember my favorite pair of Levi’s when I was studying in Paris?

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