Greenpoint, Brooklyn

We had a few hours to spare last Saturday so we decided to drive to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and grab a coffee. The last time I had been to Greenpoint was last winter. It was a weeknight and my husband, a friend and I popped up like gophers from the subway onto Greenpoint Avenue.  In fact, it was the first time I had actually taken the subway to Brooklyn and was blown away.  Living in Queens we took the subway to Court square and then transferred to the G line, and in that station, amazing worlds collide. The Queens train was a mishmash of diversity, and then you cross a subway tunnel and walk up to a new platform and you have walked away from diversity and into hipdom. Seriously, every single person on that subway car was hip, and not just American hip, there were French hipsters, German hipsters and even Brits.  It was so incredibly crazy. New York city never ceases to amaze me how you can just cross two blocks and be in a completely different universe.  Anyhow, that night we had gone to see our friend’s band play. I remember passing cool tattoo parlors and bars.  Now, in the early fall sunshine, it was such a mix of old and new.  Greenpoint is known or was known as the Polish neighborhood.  There are still Polish tchotchke shops, and Polish bakeries but in between the hipsters have crept in and built cafes, boutiques, music stores and restaurants.  Greenpoint is also where Cafe Grumpy resides, Hannah’s work place on Girls. On our search for the perfect espresso we found ourselves at Upright coffee which is the size of a closet, but I can vouch for it’s most excellent espresso.  I’ll definitely be back.

A Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint BrooklynA Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint BrooklynA Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint BrooklynDrip portrait by Paul Richard.A Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint BrooklynA Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint BrooklynDrip Portrait by Paul Richard.A Bolt of Blue - Greenpoint Brooklyn


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