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As the last days of summer are nearly upon us, I decided that maybe it was time for an updated list of book recommendations.  As I mentioned in my Fall recommended reading list, I have THE bestest friends who recommend THE most amazing books for me to read. I always feel the need to share when I’ve read some good ones. Here’s what I’ve been reading the last six months…

and…I apologize for my sophomoric summaries!

A Bolt of Blue - Recommended Reading list

1. The Chaperone – by Laura Moriarty

This is a cool story set in the early 1900’s and centers on the relationship between Louise Brooks and her chaperone, Cora Carlisle. I have always been fascinated by Louis Brooks and this book was well researched and paints a perfect picture of what life was like for women during that era.

2.  The Interestings– by Meg Wolitzer

What I really liked about this book was that Ms Wolitzer introduces you to a group of kids that all met during summer camp in New York and sends you on a journey with all of them into the future. At the end, I felt like, I was part of their group.

3.  The Art of Fielding – by Chad Harbach

I kept seeing this book in book stores and saw that it must be a best selling book, but for some reason I was afraid to read a book about baseball…but au contraire mon frere…this wasn’t about baseball…this was about a group of college kids, and their relationships. The characters are so interesting and real that it was hard to put down.

4. The Secret History – by Donna Tartt (and yes…of course I read the Goldfinch)

Even if you didn’t like the Goldfinch (which coincidentally I did), then you will most definitely like this one. (hopefully). This is set at a small college on the East Coast and centers around an elite group of kids selected into a secret society.  It felt a bit like the Talented Mr Ripley and the Great Gatsby, mixed up with a murder plot.

5.  Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

Yeah, this might be considered YA, but so was The Fault in our Stars, and I liked this one better.  Somehow, it got me out of my midlife crisis slump and sent me back to high school, where kids made mixed tapes for one another and were electrified when sitting within inches of each other. This is an easy, nice read.

6.  The Invention of Wings – by Sue Monk Kidd

This was a great story mixed with historical facts and follows the friendship between the daughter of a plantation owner and her slave.

7.  Sisterland – by Curtis Sittenfeld

I really liked this book. It’s about two twin sisters that are born with the gift of esp. They can predict future events.  They are both completely different and head into the future on completely different paths, but I liked both of them equally.

8.  The Circle -by Dave Eggers

When I finished this book, I was happy I read it, but it also gave me a completely creepy sensation.  It’s basically a prophesy of technology in the upcoming years. Dave Eggers does a great job of writing an easy going novel with evil undertones. It really made me want to get off the grid.

A Bolt of Blue - Recommended Reading listHAPPY READING!!

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