5 Cool Ideas

1. Washi tape FUN!  Just think of all the things you can cover with Washi tape…bikes, scooters, staplers…

Washi tape

(via schoolactie.hema.nl)

2. Neon flower pots.  This is such an EASY way to bring some color into your life!



3. Fun with SHARPIES! Yup…I said Sharpies. Just draw a picture and then add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and VOILA…BEAUTY! Might also be cool on pillows, duvet covers, lamp shades…

painted shirt

(via theartgirljackie)

4. Painted vases. Just throw some paint inside a vase, SWISH and you’ve got yourself a stunning new COLORFUL vase!


(via BHG)

5. Yarn LOVE.  All you need are some pipe cleaners, colorful yarn, and a WORD.


(via blog.diddydiddy)

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