Tokyo Bike

Today I was meandering through the streets of Soho and I came across Tokyo Bike.  I ducked inside to check out their wares and came out a fan.  I LOVE their bikes! They have some fun pops of color,  but also offer up grey, and sand brown, colors that I usually associate with the French.  They also sell muted minimalist helmets, super cool bike bells and sleek leather accessories by various designers.  I fell in love…mine will be BLUE!

A Bolt of Blue - Tokyo Bike“Based on the concept of ‘Tokyo Slow’ the bikes are designed to be light to ride with an emphasis on comfort over speed. The bike is simply a way to enjoy your city, as much about the journey as the destination.”A Bolt of Blue - Tokyo BikeA Bolt of Blue - Tokyo Bike


To see the entire collection, click here.

A Bolt of Blue - Tokyo Bike

Check out all their bike accessories…here.


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