Mother’s day!

Mother’s day is upon us and I’ve been wanting to write this story for a long time and now seems like the right moment. When I was fourteen, I lived on a Navy base on Coronado island in San Diego. We lived in officer’s quarters along with other officer’s families. Many afternoons were spent climbing trees, playing catch, and trying not to get into trouble.

One afternoon two of my neighborhood pals came over and we were in my room struggling to come up with something fun to do.  We couldn’t seem to agree on any one activity. Somehow, the idea of a seance came up. (most likely it was my idea). We all piled into my closet, sat indian style and held a flashlight up to our faces.  First order of business was deciding on who exactly we wanted to try to contact. Marilyn Monroe was discussed, but in the end we all agreed it would be Amelia Earhart. We then moved on to deciding on a mantra to repeat. I started chanting “Please come” (yes, it was most definitely MY idea as I now remember just how serious I was about the whole ordeal). My other friends started chanting “Flea scum” and “Police gum”. We chanted away…trying our best to break barriers between worlds and contact Ms Earhart.


All of a sudden we heard a noise…a woman with a sing song moan. In a MAD dash, both girls clobbered me on their way out of that closet as fast as they could, and I went flying out behind them. We yelled for my mother but she didn’t answer so we headed outside where she was in the yard watering the plants. We frantically told her our seance story and she crossly looked at us and said VERY seriously, “You girls should NEVER have attempted to break the barrier into the other world…you are dealing with the occult and it is HIGHLY dangerous”. We looked at her, my friend grabbed my arm and dragged me back inside…to…my closet. “Let’s do it AGAIN”! So, just as before we sat there indian style, but this time around I wasn’t the only one that was completely into it. The other two girls were scrunching their eyes and putting their entire concentration into chanting “Please come” in unison.  And…once again…..Whhhoooooooooooo (in a high pitched moan). And once again…I was the last one…with hangers in my hair and trying to scratch my way out the door.  We flew out into the garden this time and found my mother once again. She just shook her head 443-155at us and told us we had opened a portal of some type and we better stop what we were doing.  My friends looked at each other and decided it was time to escape and head off to a home without portals. I, on the other hand was TERRIFIED to even enter my room. I had visions of my bed floating in the air and my dresser drawers loudly sliding open and shut.  (The movie Poltergeist had just come out). I stared at my bedroom door and then ventured off once again to find my mom.  She told me that maybe it would be a good idea for me to go to the church youth group meeting that afternoon…maybe it would cleanse me.  I normally LOATHED church youth group, but all of a sudden it seemed like a GRAND idea.  I spent my afternoon begging Jesus and his posse to rid my house of any demons…pleading.  I got home that evening and my sister looked at me and burst into laughter. She had tears in her eyes as she then went on to tell me that my mom had been cleaning out her closet (which is adjacent to mine) and she heard us organizing our seance. She just couldn’t resist making some ghost noises…and then after each time, flew out the front door, grabbed the garden hose and pretended like she had been out there all along….

As you can imagine…I felt stupid…but secretly SO relieved that my room had not been possessed. The funniest part is that when I told the other two girls, one (the eldest of the three of us) swore she knew it all along. Ha…I still laugh when I think of her saying that, as I still have the memory of her practically knocking me backwards in order to get out of the closet first.  And…that’s why my mom is SO awesome!  Happy Mother’s day!

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