Lux Divine -Jewelry

Lux Divine is a bohemian collective of jewelry sold on Etsy.  Los Angeles jeweler Jessica started making jewelry when she was a teenager and even had her first business license by the age of 16. She studied at a reputable Gem institute and became a certified Gemologist bench jeweler and designer. Joined by her husband Ron, Jessica creates amazingly BEAUTIFUL jewelry. Check it out!A Bolt of Blue - Lux Divine jewelry

“I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. I would search for treasures on the beach, in vintage shops and my own Mother’s closet for things to make jewelry out of. I’m not sure where this passion came from but I have always known that making jewelry is what I needed to do with my life.”

A Bolt of Blue - Lux Divine jewelryA Bolt of Blue - Lux Divine jewelry

“We search for all our gemstones and know where they all come from. We do not use stones that were involved in any negative practices such as child labor/slavery. All the leather used in our leather cuffs are recycled from scraps that would otherwise be in landfills. We strive to create a better planet with our jewelry one cuff at a time!”

A Bolt of Blue - Lux Divine jewelry

Check out the Lux Divine boutique on Etsy here.


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