Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert – Art Comes First

For years now I’ve been seeing the strapping images of these impeccably dressed fellows EVERYWHERE. They are some of my favorite photos…from their dapper clothes, to their stance, every detail is poetic. I finally decided to spend some time searching for who they actually are.  They are Shaka Maidoh and Sam Lambert of Art Comes First. Shaka Maidoh is a British born stylist and visual designer and Sam Lambert is an Angolan born digital, visual designer.  Together they created their own design collective called Art Comes First. They work with other creative individuals on interesting design projects.  In their own words, “We founded the ACF in order to circulate sartorial nourishment, oxygenating time-based projects through dynamic collaborations with different creatives in their network.”


Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh

How did you guys become a design team and why a focus on menswear?

Sam: I became a designer after my photograph studies. It was more out of  necessity to dress myself with the right garment which fitted right and had right fabrication. I used to be around vintage market a lot when I moved to London so i end up customising everything I would buy, just by remembering what my dad used to do with thread,needle and scissors. The focus on menswear was really more like a self test almost like a mad scientist trying medicine on himself first.
Shaka: The team dynamics sparked off from common interests in vintage, traditions, cultures, hobbies and really a need to create. Creation became a necessity where the end product translated to piece of clothing, art pieces, personal wardrobe and what have you and hence menswear as it was initially and mainly personal. (via Dapperlou)
A Bolt of Blue - Art Comes First

How would you define the Art Comes First man? Where does he travel? What does he live?

Sam: Its a man who drinks tea, wears tie and appreciate art. He travels in concrete jungles and sometimes in snow clouds. He lives everywhere and nowhere its a true Gypsy.
Shaka: Also a constant mind traveler. (via Dapperlou)
A Bolt of Blue - Art Comes First
A Bolt of Blue - Art Comes First

One Minute Wonder 38 – Shaka Maidoh from Present Plus on Vimeo.

You can follow ACF on Tumblr here or on their blog here.

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