Five Cool Ideas!

As winter approaches (a bit too quickly for my tastes) I’ve been looking around for some interesting DIY projects. Check out the cool ideas…

A Bolt of Blue - Five Cool Ideas!

I LOVE the idea of having a small ladder as a night stand. (via)

A Bolt of Blue - Five Cool Ideas!I love bringing nature into the house and this is just COOL and sweet! (via)A Bolt Of Blue - Five Cool ideas!

It’s all about thinking outside of the box, turn this Ikea roller stand into a BAR…ingenious! (via)

A Bolt of Blue - Five Cool Ideas!Paint your front door! I can’t really do this at the moment since I’m renting…but I love how this looks! And you could take this idea and do it on any door. (via)

A Bolt of Blue - Five Cool Ideas!Use old discarded drawers for storage. You can also put these in open bookcases. (via)

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