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Do you ever wish you had your own personal stylist?  Lately I’ve been thinking how nice it would be for someone to show up at my door with fully styled outfits for me to wear. Not to mention, just having a new pair of eyes to get me out of my style rut and turn me onto things outside of my comfort zone. Guess what…such a thing exists and it’s called Stitch fix. Stitch fix acts as an online personal stylist. To get started you fill out an intensive style profile. The style profile allows the professionals at Stitch Fix to consider your color preferences, fit issues and comfort zone.   Once you’ve submitted your style profile, the Stylistas at Stitch Fix pack a box with five items for you to try. Each item comes with a style guide and the great part is…that you try on the five items and you keep what you want, or you send the rest back (in a prepaid envelope) and wait for the next delivery.

A Bolt of Blue - Stitch FixMy pal Linda in Atlanta introduced me to Stitch Fix. She just started using their services and she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

What  type of clothing items come in a box?

Linda: I have received two boxes.  Each contained four clothing items and one accessory.  The first had a necklace, the second box contained a scarf.

Have they nailed your style aesthetic?

Linda: I would not say that they nailed it yet, but it is early.  The first box was pretty on point.  The second box was more conservative than I would like.  I provided feedback each time so I am curious to see if it gets better with each shipment.  I assume that is the objective.  You complete a survey after each shipment so you can provide your comments regarding the style and sizing of each item.

What sort of questions do you have to answer in order for them to understand your style?

Linda: General questions about your style, the type of clothing you are looking for (casual, business, etc.), your desired price range for each item type, colors you like, how you like things to fit, etc.  You also review a variety of photos and indicate whether you like the clothing, hate it, or something in between.

Do you send in measurements or do you just tell them your size?

Linda: Some basic measurements such as height and weight if I recall correctly, as well as information on how you like different types of items to fit (fitted, loose, etc.)

How many items do you end up keeping per month?

Linda: I kept three items from the first box and one from the second box.  I liked some of the items I returned, but the fit was not correct.  I have been surprised at how well the pants have fit however.  Both boxes contained pants that fit perfectly.

Has anyone noticed that you’re dressing differently?

Linda: Too early in the process.

Do you feel better using their service?

Linda: I would not say I feel “better”, but I am having fun.  Getting the box each month is like receiving a present (of course, a present that you pay for).  You don’t know what will be inside until you open it.  So it is a nice surprise.  They include a return envelope in the box, so returns are very easy.  You need to complete the returns within three business days, however, so you can’t wait around.


A Bolt of Blue - Stitch Fix - Where my heart resides

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