Gretchen Jones – Neutral Territory

Do you guys remember Gretchen Jones?  She won Project Runway, Season 8.  If you remember she hails from Portland, Oregon and is currently working for Pendleton Woolen Mills.  I had no idea she designed for Pendleton, who I’ve been following for the last few years due to their cooler than cool new designs. Ms Jones has started a new blog, entitled Neutral Territory. It is a year long project where she explores the essence of neutrals.  From what I gather from her project statement, she was a wee bit lost. She woke up one day and realized how much time and energy she spent on getting dressed each day, trying to knock out killer outfits to show to the world. She then took it further and tried to figure out how it all played into her design aesthetic.  She decided to try an experiment where she took all of her cute prints, and colors and banished them.  She wanted to see what she could make of design, left with just neutrals.  I’d say she’s off to a good start…her daily outfits are still amazing….she can’t squash her flare for design and her amazing eye.  However, I think a year is a LONG time…to fight off something that is naturally in your blood. She also offers weekly interviews with interesting fashionistas/bloggers and designers. Check it out!

“Neutral is NOT Impartial. Neutral ? Impartial is a weekly journal following the trials and tribulations of a designer cutting out color, one week at a time, for one full year”.

A Bolt of Blue - Gretchen Jones: Neutral TerritoryA Bolt of Blue - Gretchen Jones: Neutral TerritoryA Bolt of Blue - Gretchen Jones: Neutral Territory

“What is it about clothing that makes it feel like an extension of my self? What aspect of self-expression do I connect with most, getting dressed every day? How does what I wear influence my mood, my self-esteem, my well-being? And then, how do all these relationship-y issues with the clothes I wear relate to the clothes I design? Heavy, I know… certainly feels like I’m in the right industry, to get so twisted about what hangs in the closet or on our bodies, don’t you think?”

Please check out Neutral Territory!

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