Compliment camp

In light of the recent elections and for those of you suffering from a feeling of unsettled disparity…this is for YOU!

Last night I went to the Alliance Française in Manhattan to see the author Mireille Guiliano (French Women Don’t Need Facelifts and French Women Don’t Get Fat). It was the perfect evening for a woman in her mid 40’s, free Veuve Clicquot and lessons on aging.  I particularly liked the fact that blogger, Ari Seth Cohen from Advanced Style was sitting just a few rows in front of me and discussed how he’s making a movie on women and aging. I can’t really say I learned any important beauty secrets, although Madame Guilano swears by Argan oil! She also seems extremely charming in real life…not pretentious at all.

After a few glasses of Veuve Cliquot (by the way Madame Guiliano used to be marketing director of Veuve cliquot, thus the free bubbles at her talk) I started to think about aging.  Sometimes…all you really need to feel beautiful, is a COMPLIMENT. I find the older I get, I’m in DESPERATE need of compliments. Just a wink from a stranger, or a cashier saying they like my necklace. Last month I was driving to DC and a car of young college boys waved to me…and it made me light up inside…it also made me laugh as they clearly were not seeing I had two kids in the back seat.

When I lived in Vienna, I had such a lovely group of gal pals that would greet me every day with…compliments…and it made me feel LOVELY! Now that I’m in New York…life is a bit lonely and I realized I need COMPLIMENT CAMP! Seriously, why hasn’t anyone thought of it. I’d like to enter into a door, greeted by a cute dude carrying a latte macchiato….”Ah, Ms Siegel…you’re looking quite lovely today, is that new blush?” Where did you get that sweater? It looks divine on you…and that RING!” Flash to two hours later….with a lovely lunch, a few massages, some wine and a handful of salted caramels and then an adieu with one last fleeting compliment on how humorous I am and how I can really light up the room….” et VOILA…who’s old now?  To feel young is to feel beautiful and to feel beautiful you need to remember that you are beautiful, because as you age…you FORGET (stupid memory!). Everyone needs a reminder, not a facelift, not botox…just a soft, sweet compliment.

A Bolt of Blue - Compliment Camp!

From me to you:

That color looks AMAZING on you! Have you lost weight? What moisturizer are you using…your skin is GLOWING! You should always wear that color!  Did you get a haircut…your hair looks FANTASTIC!  You have SUCH a great sense of style! You have THE greatest smile!  What perfume are you wearing…you smell LOVELY!  You are sooooo…..BEAUTIFUL! (seriously! Don’t forget it!)

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