The Burning house project

Have you ever thought about what you would grab from your house if it were burning? When I was little I used to think about it ALL the time and weirdly enough it was always my pillow that was top on the list. Many hours of therapy later, I still haven’t come to any conclusions on that one…..

Anyway, photographer, Robert Holden came up with the BRILLIANT concept of asking random people what items mattered most to them if their house were burning down and VOILA….. the Burning House project was born! SUCH a cool concept! What would YOU take?

Sebastian Kuntz, 19, Germany, Student / Freelance Photographer
Frida Vega Salomonsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Student
Margot Kohl, 18, Rennes, France, Student
The McMillans, both 36, Minneapolis, Menswear


Miguel A., 23, Barcelona, Architecture Student
Sarah, 22, Berlin, Design Student

**originally written for Notorious magazine


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