Cool idea – DIY Christmas gift wrap

Yeah…I know…this is the month that everyone runs around like chickens with their heads cut off all the while muttering and trying to remember to breathe. So, what better time to tell you about cool DIY gift wrap ideas, because I know you all have endless minutes to create your own gift wrap. I was just telling a pal today about how geeked out I used to get over gift wrap (pre-kids).  Nowadays I’m lucky to not run out of tape! But, as always…the gift you give represents you, and do you really want some lame wrapping paper to represent you? Why not buy some craft paper (available at art stores) and just add a wee bit of embellishment….and remember to have fun and…BREATHE!

A Bolt of Blue - Christmas gift wrap ideas!

WASHI tape…it’s the wunderkind of all DIY projects!  Try chevron stripes, plaids, or go abstract! (via)

Yup, why not embroider your craft paper?! It does look COOL! (via)

Go simple, pine sprigs and black ribbon. (via)
A Bolt of Blue - Christmas Gift wrap ideas!

 Face cutouts available here…just print, cut and paste.

Sift through old photos and make copies to use as gift wrap. (via)

Get the chalkboard affect with black paper and white markers, or use white paper and a black Sharpie. (via)
A Bolt of Blue - Christmas Gift wrap ideas!

These adorable animal tags are free printables!

DOTS…available at art or office supply stores…(via)

Twine, black and white photos, sprigs of pine….(via)


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