Shadow sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster are pure genius.  They create shadow sculptures using tin cans, petrified cats, dead rats, old wood and GARBAGE!  At first glance the sculptures appear to be a heap of trash but then your gaze travels to the wall and you catch the shadow and you can’t believe your eyes!  Not only are the shadows amazingly detailed but they actually look like the artists themselves! All I can say is that these guys are true visionaries!

Tim Noble and Sue Webster photographed by David Bailey

Tim Noble and Sue Webster photographed by David Bailey

Tim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture-normalTim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_8-normalTim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_5-normalTim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_6-normalTim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_1-normalTim_Noble_Sue_Webster_shadow_sculpture_12b-normalTo see more of their work, visit their website. And here’s a link to a great article written about them…they designed an album cover for Nick Cave and met over 26 years ago at a bus stop on the way to their first day of art school!

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