Christmas gift ideas!

Can you believe it’s already December?!  My brain still can’t process it!  The countdown is on to buy gifts and not just for yourself! I’ve spent the last week compiling my list to give out and now I need to start concentrating on everyone else!  It’s supposed to be the season of good cheer, so drink lots of spiked eggnog, sing along to those Christmas tunes and have FUN!


A Bolt of Blue - Xmas gift ideas!

1 (USB sticks), 2 (bike bag), 3 (coffee cups)A Bolt of Blue - Xmas gift ideas!

1 (ring), 2 (slippers), 3 (suspenders), 4 (backpack)

A Bolt of Blue - Xmas gift ideas!

1 (necklace), 2 (pendant necklace), 3 (watch), 4 (tights)

A Bolt of Blue - Xmas gift ideas!

1 (ring), 2 (bike holder), 3 (planter), 4 (purse)

And remember…EVERYONE loves…movie tickets, scented candles, tea, gourmet olive oil, cognac, magazine subscriptions,art prints, BOOKS!, coffee beans, and chocolate!

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