Beauty Raves!

This month’s beauty raver is my pal Elizabeth (AKA Lizzy Lou).  She’s a bit unconventional as she doesn’t really use that many products. But remember…less is MORE! She’s the second person I know who doesn’t wash their face (and she looks the same as she did when she was 15!).  Elizabeth is one of my oldest friends (we used to play Barbies together!) Now that I’m living on the East Coast I’m lucky to be in her hood…she lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and is the mother of seven year old twins. Check out her raves!

 Don’t wash your face!

“I might wash my face once a week or so.  In a good week it might even be every other day but usually I’m too tired at night to bother or I’m too rushed in the morning to think of it. Luckily, my skin is happy with the arrangement, sort of like a plant that does better when you ignore it completely, watering it only when you think of it.  My skin tends to be on the dry side so washing it just dries it out and makes things worse.”

Arbonne skincare





“I have been using the Arbonne product line for about seven years now.  I do like that when I get around to using all of the steps (cleanse, tone, aging serum, eye cream, lotion with 20 SPF) I feel like it makes my skin look more vibrant and healthy.”





Clinique eyeliner in Khakiclinique


“For the bulk of my makeup I simply use the same khaki color of Clinique eye liner I’ve been using for maybe 25 years.”




Burt’s beeswax lip balm





“Burt’s Bees on the lips and I’m done.  Au natural works best for me.”






“As to the hair, I’m loving my new, shorter cut, reminiscent of our bob hairstyles back in high school.  Since I’ve had my kids, I’ve got a definite wave that defies me to try to make it straight, so I’ve embraced my inner mess and gone with it.  Now I just do a bit of mousse, scrunch and twist some chunks and I’m done.  It even looks better when I wash it at night and then sleep on it after scrunching and twisting.  To freshen, I can spray with some water and apply gel when I twist.”

THANKS Lizzy Lou!

**She’s the third person I know that uses Arbonne and LOVES it.

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