Illustrator – Peggy Wolf

Even before the days of Pinterest I found Peggy Wolf on the internet and started following her immediately. She is truly one of my favorite illustrators. She is a German born illustrator now living in London. (have you noticed how many cool German illustrators there are out there???) I love her use of patterns, and bright colors….her illustrations always catch my eye.

A Bolt of Blue - Peggy Wolf

I was been born in Germany where I have studied Fashion Design for five years. Soon I found out that I was more interested in drawing women and their clothes, rather than designing Fashion.

Peggy Wolf2

After a short visit in London, I knew this would be my new place. I started to work in a new field of Interior Design which wasn’t planned at all. But I somehow I fell in love with it, as it is a very complex field, where you have to balance and combine so many levels.


I mostly liked the wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, which have inspired a lot of my digital collages. All these different experiences (via


Check out her Etsy shop….she sells AMAZING prints!

**originally written for Notorious magazine

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