Marimekko 2012

I grew up with a Marimekko bedspread on my bed…so whenever I see Marimekko I get a warm happy feeling.  I really LOVE this brand, and I’m happy to see it doing so well in 2012!  Here are a few things that you might not know about Marimekko

1. Marimekko is a 60 year old company from Finland….yup…those happy, bright patterns were meant to bring cheer to some cold, dark Finnish days….

2. The name Marimekko is a play on words. The first part Mari is an anagram for the company’s founder’s first name Armi Ratia, and “mekko” means “dress” in Finnish.

2. Marimekko was introduced to the world via Jackie Kennedy who was photographed on the cover of a 1960’s Sport’s Illustrated wearing a pink Marimekko dress.

3. Marimekko has a successful collaboration with Converse and is opening stores!  Okay, most of them are in America, with it’s flagship store in New York.

Check out all the Marimekko coolness below!







**originally written for Notorious magazine



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