Cool idea – LEAVES!

I have a thing for leaves…every autumn, I run around like a squirrel, collecting unique specimens. I have a huge bowl in my living room where I display them. As the first ones start dying, I replace them with fresher ones.  My kids like to help me and we get very excited when we find THE perfect leaf. Leaves are beautiful on their own, but…some ingenious people out there have come up with some grand ideas on how to enhance their beauty. Why not serve yourself some cocoa-tea-cognac and sit down with your kiddies and paint some leaves!

A Bolt of Blue - Painted leaves

All of the above are by Gabee Meyer

A Bolt of Blue - Painted leaves

 1 – Bicocacolors 2 – via

A Bolt of Blue - Painted leaves

1 – Wool and Wander, 2 – Bicocacolors, 3 – Blablakids

A Bolt of Blue -  leaves1 – Leaves dipped in wax, 2 – Leaves placed in baking soda, 3 – Leaf animals


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on “Cool idea – LEAVES!
2 Comments on “Cool idea – LEAVES!
  1. Remarkable way of being creative using what nature lays out for us. All we need to do is be a little creative and there you are, creating very unique pieces of art. Keep up the originality! My compliments!
    By the way I’m an artist too. If by chance you may be interested to see what kind of art I produce you’ll find my blog under Don’t let the kids look into my last post though, it’s has to do with bachelorette place holders, but the others are adequate for the vision of children. You can also find my work in face book under Ciao for now! :)

  2. Mara, I completely agree…I’m a huge fan of art made with sticks, leaves, etc. Thanks for your website! I’ll definitely check it out! :)

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