Chasing Tommy Ton

Daily Candy has collaborated with film maker, Christina Voros to create a short documentary on the street photographer, Tommy Ton. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tommy Ton, he is one of THE best street photographers.  He started his own blog Jak and Jil and he’s also the chief street photographer at  He shoots all of those amazing fashion week shots that hit Pinterest and go viral. He has an eye for detail and I love how he captures and crops details of an outfit.  Every fashion season I look forward to seeing the beauty he has captured. I love how he describes himself as a fashion documentarian. He takes photos of what people around the world are wearing (of course, not just normal people…but the Fashionista populace of the world).

In this documentary, Tommy discusses how fashion shows have changed and each season there is more and more pressure to capture something amazing. I am starting to see a theme in fashion…that it’s RUN down. Fashion designers seem fatigued and even the fashion critics (Suzy Menkes) are getting fed up.  I think Anna Wintour, who everyone has deemed Fashion GOD, should announce a vacation for the fashion world.  Why not just cancel a season?  Would anyone really care?  It would give everyone a chance to heard to Aruba, or sit in their apartments in sweat pants for a month, catching their breath.

I really enjoyed this documentary about Monsieur Ton, it leaves me liking him even more than I already did. I also appreciate the fact that he’s shy. I can relate. There’s something really sweet about a shy street photographer. Keep up the great work Tommy!



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