Cool idea – Jewelry storage!

The older I get, the more jewelry I seem to acquire (need).  I used to just throw all my jewelry in a jewelry box on my dresser, but when I wanted to adorn myself it was a struggle to untangle everything.  Once I moved, I got smart, I now hang my necklaces from a statue I have on my dresser, and then I keep my rings in one decorative dish, my bracelets in another and then my earrings. It’s way more organized. How do you organize your bling?

A Bolt of Blue - jewelry storage

via Whippy cake

A Bolt of Blue - jewelry storage

1 – via Bexadiary, 2 – via The Boo and the Boy, 3 – unknown

A Bolt of Blue - jewelry storage1 – via Desire to Inspire, 2 – via Design Sponge, 3 – via Martha Stewart


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