Truth coffee – Cape Town

For many years I have been wanting to visit South Africa.  It all started when I lived in Zurich, and befriended a bunch of South Africans that had transplanted themselves to Switzerland.  They weren’t in Switzerland for adventure like we were, they were in search of jobs.  Due to the lack of funding for the arts in South Africa, many talented musicians, dancers, artists, etc were forced to transplant their lives and hearts elsewhere.  What I did notice was their passion for their homeland. They were physically in Switzerland but their hearts were in South Africa. Ever since…I have wanted to visit South Africa…and when I do…one of my first stops will be to Truth coffee, a South African coffee chain that certainly does not look, feel, or apparently taste like any ordinary coffee chain. Check out their incredibly cool Cape Town headquarters below!


As the name suggests, Truth is a coffee company with strong and transparent beliefs. The company thrives to challenge convention and mediocrity endeavouring to provide the very best coffee which can be enjoyed in inspired surroundings. Metal piping and old machinery give the impression that something special’s being created here, and that is the truth (pun intended) because the coffee that is created and served stems from a passion for the exquisite beverage itself and getting the maximum enjoyment from drinking it. The design focuses around a cast iron vintage roaster drum;the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat making for a stronger flavoured coffee than other coffees brewed in the more common steel drums introduced in the seventies, and it is this attention to detail that is key to this coffee joint. The stripped wooden floors and the metal girders, mesh and lighting, casually hanging to enhance the space, create an exciting and industrial feeling that’s almost like stumbling into a  secret members club from a bygone era hidden in a warehouse.






Design by Haldane Martin

photos © Shanna Jones, styling by Leasa Mensing.

via Yatzer

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