Cool iPhone photo apps

I think most of you that have iPhones know that one of it’s most important features is not only a phone but a CAMERA….and not only just a camera but INSTAGRAM and HIPSTAMATIC.  Nowadays everyone is taking cool photos and sharing them.

Here are a few other photo apps that may just rock your world….

1) Labelbox: This allows you put cool labels on your photos. My pal Leslee uses the old school labelmaker and it caught my eye immediately. Cool way to put text on a photo and best of all….it’s FREE!labelmaker

2) Another cool app is Ransom Letters.  This app also allows you to put text on a photo but in the form of cut out magazine letters.   This one is only 99 cents.

ransom letters

3) I have to admit I was addicted to Pocketbooth for a few months. My poor kids had to pose endlessly for me.  I am a photo booth nerd but this app takes SUCH cool photos!  This one is also 99 cents.


4) If you want to enhance black and white photos with a splash of color then Colorsplash is the app for you.  This is also 99 cents.



**originally written for Notorious magazine

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