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I was recently in Boston in a skater-comic book shop and came upon a really cool line of knitted hats and bags by Krochet Kids International. I did some research and immediately felt a need to write about this company. Here’s the story…

Krochet Kids : kohl-stewart-travis

Among other things, my older brother taught me how to crochet.

Shortly thereafter I passed the skill onto my friends Travis and Stewart.  Being avid snow sports enthusiasts, we liked the idea of having our own unique headwear on the mountain and, though it was not a normal hobby for high school guys, we reveled in the novelty of it.

Before long our creations caught the attention of our classmates and we began taking custom orders and selling our crocheted masterpieces to anyone who would buy them.  It was a local newspaper in our hometown of Spokane, WA that officially dubbed us the “Krochet Kids”.  At that time our only expense outside of yarn and hooks was a hot-air balloon ride for our prom dates.

**(They even posted their prom photos…click here to view.)

Once the boys had their skills down, they decided that wasn’t enough.  They then headed out and taught the people of Uganda and Peru their new craft. In an order to end poverty and starvation, they handed out yarn and gave lessons and started a non-profit organization.The proceeds go back to Uganda and Peru, resulting in education grants and allowing them to rise out of poverty. These guys have HEART and not only that, they have VERY cool knitted merchandise..check out their shop here.

Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids5
Krochet Kids Intl

Each product comes with a label with a handwritten name of the worker that created it.

Krochet Kids Intl

Krochet kids and Vans collaborated on a line and well…please watch the video…

Krochet Kids International – Peru from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

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