Jordan Matter – Dancers Amongst us

I am a huge photography fan.  Not only do photographers have to have the expertise and knowledge of lighting, equipment and angles, but they also have to be creative. Jordan Matter is a photographer who after attending a dance recital one evening, came up with the concept for “Dancers Amongst Us“.


Dancers are storytellers. They’re trained to capture passion with their bodies. The often create a fantasy world or offer us a deeper look into familiar settings. They bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically. I spent three years shooting dancers around the country, and I was humbled by their enthusiasm for their craft. I would tweet and Facebook when I would arrive in a city, and dancers would volunteer their time to pose for me, often traveling several hours to participate.






Dancers Among Us goes around the USA in Ninety Seconds from Jordan Matter on Vimeo.

Jordan Matter’s, Dancer’s Among us is available here.

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