Lina Benjumea – artist

The main reason I blog is to support artists, designers and small companies…so I get especially excited when talented people send me emails showcasing their work, such is the case with Lina Benjumea. Her work has such personality…I couldn’t help but love all the COLOR!  Ms. Benjumea is a Colombian architect by trade and an artist by night. She has spent her years on the move with such locales as New York, Peru and she currently lives in Hong Kong.

Lina Benjumea - Etsy shop Titiribi

I am an architect, when I moved to NY, I studied  Fashion merchandising at FIT and I’ve worked in consulting of branding and product development around 18 years.

I’ve loved to do stuff with my hands ever since I was little, I think I got it from my mom, it really relaxes me, some people think I am patient because of my work, but I am not, I do it because it really relaxes me and keeps me centered, it’s like therapy…

Lina Benjumea - Esty shop Titiribi

I am a color freak, after running for years from my roots I’ve gotten back to them with my work, which has brought inner peace, just like meditation.

Lina Benjumea - Etsy shop Titiribi



To see more, please visit Nuki by Titiribi (Ms Benjumea’s Etsy shop).

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