Stephen Kenn – The Inheritance collection

Every once in awhile you stumble across a product that has integrity. It’s not just a product made in a factory, it is actually someone’s creation, that has formed from years of research and love.  I came across this video of Stephen Kenn’s Inheritance collection and fell in love.  His furniture is not only beautiful but poetic, in the sense that it’s a piece of history.  The video below tells the story…




This beautiful new collection of furniture from Steve Kenn (formerly of Temple Bags) is sourced and made locally in Los Angeles using (washed and softened) US military half shelters as upholstery. Steve and his wife create steel-welded frames that are then rusted and coated with a clear varnish to give them a marbled brown appearance. Once the frames are finished, they have custom-sized leather and webbing belts made, which are exact replicas of a WWII-era Swiss mule belt. The belts are adjustable, so you can keep the sofa’s form tight as it ages.  (via Designsponge)



**originally written for Notorious magazine

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