Saul Steinberg – Masquerade

Saul Steinberg was a Romanian born illustrator who worked for the New Yorker magazine. In his lifetime he did over 90 covers and 1200 illustrations for the New Yorker.  I came across the work of Mr Steinberg 15 years ago. I was reading Vanity Fair magazine and came across a photograph of people at a party, wearing whimsical masks made out of brown paper bags. I cut out the picture and to this day I still have it on my wall.  I really fell in love with the whole idea, adults at a cocktail party… mischievously wearing masks and hanging out…as if they were all part of of lovely, magical world.



The Masquerade project was a collaboration between Mr Steinberg and his Austrian photographer pal, Inge Morath. He created the masks, and rounded up the usual suspects and she masterfully photographed it all. Together they created the book, Masquerade.  Check out the photos below…








**originally written for Notorious magazine

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