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I SO love it when you stumble across a blog that makes you want to know more about the author. I have just spent the last half hour, getting to know Chandler O’Leary. Her “About” page tells her story in pictures and words and I felt we were kindred spirits immediately.  She’s an illustrator who lives in Tacoma, Washington (my husband’s home town).  Immediately I was excited by her illustrations, as many of them are based around Seattle and the Pacific NW.  I also especially like that she feels most at peace in her stick shift Subaru alongside her husband, whom she nicknamed, “The Tailor” with her Moleskin sketchbook in her lap.

Chandler started her own illustration business, Anagram Press, and in her spare time she travels and sketches what she sees and then shares her travels with the world on her blog, Drawn the Road Again.  Her sketches are AMAZING and I’m SO jealous. For those that know me, I am a road tripper. I am happiest whilst trapped in my VW with my three favorite peeps, snapping photos of all the amazing adventures we have.  What could be better than to also be a talented artist, that can capture the mood, and moment….SO cool!


The majority of the posts on this site deal with road trips, because that’s my favorite way to travel. But there are also plane trips, and boat trips, and train trips, and other trips, too. Most of my drawings were done on-location, at least in part (see above). A few, though, were done from memory, or with the aid of my photographs, sometimes well after-the-fact. And I love to take artistic license with what I see—like when I sketch “shotgun” while my husband drives—jotting down the flavor of a place rather than every literal detail. The common denominator, though, is that everything I document here is something I have actually experienced myself. These are all places I’ve actually been, sights I’ve actually seen, meals I’ve actually tasted, roads I’ve actually driven. So rather than a faithful journal of every personal experience, I like to think of this site as an illustrated travel guide.







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