Eclectic art walls…

When I was in college I used to have art work covering every square inch of my walls. I collected black and white post cards, so I had them from floor to ceiling on one wall, and on another wall I had editorial shots cut out from magazines.  I also took an old Matisse calendar and taped the pages on the wall behind my bed, mimicking a head board.  Now that I’m older…part of me still likes that eclectic, artsy look of having a whole wall of polaroids or collages of mixed art work.  I currently have an entire wall in my kitchen full of family photo booth photos, postcards, and the kid’s art work.  How do you like to display your art work?


1 – Moonfox, 2 – Pottery Barn,  3 – At my casa, 4 – unknown, 5 – Project Decor


1 – Little Blue Deer, 2 – unknown,  3 – House to Home


1 – unknown, 2 – The Pure Aesthetic,  3 – La Maison d’Anna G


 1 – Smoda.elpais, 2 – Sea of Girasoles, 3 – La lole blog, 4 – French by Design


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