Cool Accessories!

Somehow growing up, I missed all the fashionista lessons on accessorizing. In Europe, I was surrounded by women who were PROS, (in accessorizing, that is). They always showed up at school wearing cool necklaces, belts, earrings, scarves, etc.  My only accessories were my scooter and my house keys.  It’s always been my fatal flaw in styling…my outfits are never complete.  I wish I had a secret stylist that would swing by each morning to work their magic and ACCESSORIZE me. A girl can dream…


1- Modcloth, 2 – Jane Tran Bobby pins, 3 – Facèré Jewelry 4 – Society 6



1 – Society 6, 2 – Duitang, 3 – Ileana Makri, 4 – Dannijo

accessories11 – Three Bird Nest, 2 – Silver Blueberry, 3 – Fullgive, 4 – Pattern by Weaver Knits


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