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I’ve been gone for the last few weeks and if you’re wondering what I was up to, I was meandering my way down to Florida. The first stop we made was in Richmond, Virginia, visiting my dear friend Marie.  Every time I stay with Marie she always whips up the most amazing meals. (and NO, she’s not French…although I did study with her in Paris). At the start of this summer I decided I would try to get my kids more interested in cooking and gardening so we planted seeds and have been cultivating a garden.  Now that things are growing, I need to come up with some recipes and that’s where I ALWAYS fail.  I love to eat but I get bored with the same old recipes and can’t seem to think up anything new.  Marie told me she gets 90% of her recipes from  She sent me the link and this morning I checked it out…and guess what….I’m HUNGRY…and excited to get cooking!  Skinny Taste is the brain child of Gina Homolka, a mother of two from New York.  Marie’s not the only one loving Skinny Taste, apparently the site gets 2.5 million visitors a month. Where have I been?

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 


Eggplant Panini with Pesto

skinny taste1

Chilled Watermelon Cucumber Feta salad

skinny taste2

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Kebabs

skinny taste3

Red White and Blue Fruit Skewers with Cheesecake Yogurt Dip

skinny taste 6


There’s nothing better than summer salads, fresh berries, and GRILLING!  I hope inspires you to eat healthier and have a better summer!

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