Stacy Leigh Leather bags

Stacy Leigh grew up on a farm, working the land. At a young age she learned how to make things by hand and in her spare time she made willow furniture with her father.  She’s currently based in Missouri and lives with her three dogs, Buddy, Basil, Shotgun and her African grey parrot, Milo.  She has truly mastered her craft, her leather bags are unique, and masterpieces on their own!  Check out her Etsy shop !

Stacy Leigh leather bags

Stacy Leigh leather bags1

Stacy Leigh leather bags2


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  1. Loved this post! I am Stacy’s mom, so of course I am very proud of her! She is entirely self taught in the handbag department. It is always a joy to come into the gallery and see what new designs she has come up with this week. If anyone is in the area (the gallery is north of St. Louis, Missouri at Clarksville), they should stop in, touch the bags, and maybe try a few on. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but caressing this luscious leather is priceless!

  2. Hello I really love all the bags and would love to know if there is a website available to view or if there is an email address to contact Stacey?

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