Photographer/Sculptor – Jason de Caires Taylor

Jason de Caires Taylor is not only an amazing diver but he’s also a talented underwater photographer AND sculptor….and more amazingly is how he’s used all his talents.  He creates underwater sculpture parks.  Not only are these sculpture parks GORGEOUS but…they have also, over time become artificial coral reefs.


In 2006, Taylor founded and created the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Situated off the coast of Grenada in the West Indies it is now listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.



His latest creation is MUSA (Museo Subaquatico de Arte), a monumental museum with a collection of over 450 public sculptural works, submerged off the coast of Cancun, Mexico; described by Forbes as one of the world’s most unique travel destinations. Both these ambitious, permanent public works have a practical, functional aspect, facilitating positive interactions between people and fragile underwater habitats while at the same relieving pressure on natural resources.


As the coral reefs start to develop, the sculptures begin to transform.  They remind me of an eerie lost civilization.



**originally written for Notorious magazine

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