Camp Bestival

Ever heard of Camp Bestival? I hadn’t until my friend Anne sent me a link.  Camp Bestival is a musical festival geared towards families with small children that is held at Lulworth Castle, in Dorset, England.  It’s funny because back in the day I used to pride myself on my concert attendance and once the kids popped out….not so much.  Normally I would never consider taking my kids to a music festival but Camp Bestival is BRILLIANT.  Not only do they have AMAZING bands, (Madness, Billy Bragg, Florence and the Machine, and PJ Harvey were some of the past performers) but they have plays, art activities and scores of cool stuff for the kiddies.This year’s festival is August 1-4 and features Billy Bragg, Richard Hawley, The Proclaimers, and more.  If there was EVER an excuse to head to England for a vacation…well…THIS is it!




Camp Bestival / Atmosphere

For more information, check out their website!

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