Street artist – Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior is a street artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He/She’s specialty is dropping colored paints down the top of buildings, creating rainbows. Such a simple idea, and yet…such a complex feeling.  Rainbow Warrior wants to take a drab, dull building and create a feeling…of HAPPINESS. Who doesn’t smile when they see a rainbow?  Pouring paint off a building is such a basic idea and yet when you look at the final product…you see BEAUTY.

rainbow warrior was able to locate the Rainbow warrior and asked him/her about his/her motives.

What inspired you to put up rainbows? 

About three or four years ago … I was feeling really depressed and I had this notion that if I went out and painted a rainbow, maybe someone would see it and feel what I was feeling or feel anything as intensely as I was. The first one I did, I just literally dumped the paint over the side of a pretty ugly, abandoned, alleyway building. It came out OK but not like any of the ones I’m doing now.

rainbow warrior1

There’s been speculation that it’s some kind of gay pride symbol.

If you’re gay and a rainbow stands for pride for you, I’m glad that it does, I’m glad that you get a positive from it. But at the same time, I remember being a child and being able to wear a rainbow to school. It was just a rainbow. It symbolized future and promise and dreams. Imagination. I kinda want to just give that back to people. When they see that, maybe they’re having a rough day or a rough year or life and they can just look at it and find peace for a second and remember what rainbows meant when they were a kid, or when they could look up at the sky and see one instead of seeing billboards and half-finished buildings. I want to let anyone find enjoyment in the rainbows.

rainbow warrior2

Why do you choose to do street art?

I want to inspire other people. That’s part of all my art; it’s always positive. I think I chose street art to inspire somebody else in a way that’s outside of the box. Like somebody who wouldn’t normally be exposed to street art, somebody who would just walk past it. Street art really saves a lot of people who are down in their lives and on their luck. This is their one and only outlet. Plus, you get an immediate response from people. A lot of times it’s just, Look at that graffiti on that freeway wall. But maybe the graffiti on the freeway isn’t the ugly thing, maybe that’s not what they’re angry about. Maybe they’re angry about how for the last 10 years you’ve been driving through this prison freeway with these big ugly gray walls and it just took the graffiti to point out the ugly that was already there.

rainbow_warrior-600x452For the full interview click here.

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